Anti GST Rally

anti gst rallyKuala Lumpur: Tens of thousands GST critics has hit the street of Kuala Lumpur during the recent Labour Day on last Thursday. The recent hike is cost of living and the implementation of unpopular consumption tax GST has forced demonstrators to take the street.

Protesters came in as early as 7am to take part in the demonstrations despite warning of heavy downpour. Heavy security presences were seen manning the areas of the rally. Protesters started from several locations such as KLCC, Sogo, National Mosque and slowly converge to Dataran Merdeka as target destination of the rally. Rally goers were seen wearing red shouting anti GST slogan with some holding anti GST banners and place cards.

The crowd swell at 2pm as more protesters joined the rally many were seen chanting “Hancur , Hancur, Hancur GST” and “Hidup Rakyat”. Several NGO and opposition figureheads were also seen giving speeches against the implementation of GST. There are also some speeches made against the persecution of Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar was recently sentenced to a 5 years of imprisonment over a sodomy case. Besides GST, some rally goers were also seen protesting against Malaysian government joining the TPPA agreement.

The rally ended without major incidents while there were reported scuffles between protestors and Unit Amal members and journalist harassments by some rally goers. The crowd started to disperse around 5 pm when the organizers announced the end of the rally. According to IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, some rally goers have violated laws by bringing children and carrying placecards. The police has also started investigation on some individual over the alleged harassments of journalist.

With GST getting more resistance, Putrajaya will set aside RM 100 million for an information campaign for the implementation of GST. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has also urged the 1.5 million civil servants to help government in convincing public in support of GST.