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Now that the Secret Service agents fired for that whole Colombian prostitution scandal are fighting their terminationswe're learning a lot more about how and where they party. Or at strip how and where they did on the fateful night of April 11, before waking up April 12 cartagena what we're guessing were the worst hangovers one could imagine -- less from any alcohol than from the sting of an international incident that now has Secret Service head Mark Sullivan testifying before a Senate committee about wide-ranging new allegations of misconduct. It's like The Hangover times 1, There's only one option: The Hotel Caribe.

This is where the Secret Service stayed and it's where one agent, Arthur Huntington, reportedly got into an early-morning argument with Dania Suarezthe prostitute he allgedly refused to pay, which started the club scandal. Try to get roomwhere Huntington stayed.

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And then take a from the agents' playbook and tear that hotel up. Leonnig and David Nakamura"the manager Jaunted's Amanda Pressner gave Hotel Chatter an extended review of the place, concluding that it "looks grand but really isn't.

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For some reason this is where the State Department recommended agents spend their leisure time at the Hard Rock Cafeprobably because, as the Post 's Leonnig and Nakamura noted, "it was dead. The menu looks awful! Are you really in Cartagena to eat hickory-smoked chicken wings or Shock Top beer-battered fish and chips?

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Hell no, but you're going to anyway because that's how you get bored enough to strike out on your own. When the agents polished off their chicken wings, they headed to Tu Candela, a bar down the street.

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The website Baraaza calls this place "An old staple in Cartagena and known for its good Sunday scene. The cover charge is recoupable in drinks. The now-infamous Pleyclub was probably infamous before Secret Service agents ever rolled in, but now it's getting photo spre in the The Daily Mail.

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This is where one set of agents headed straightaway, apparently led by Secret Service supervisor David Chaneya year-old veteran of 20 years. Baraaza says only that it's a "strip club located in the Industrial zone" but back in April, the New York Daily News took a visit to the Pleyclub and had a little more detail from the inside: "Small black tables covering a dimly lit dance floor at the Pley Club in a low-rent district of Cartagena were filled Sunday night mostly with tourists. A white stage was reserved for dancers wearing form-fitting, brightly colored dresses that showed off enough cleavage and leg to entice customers to dig deep in their wallets.

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The magical unicorn of your Cartagena Secret Service adventure is going to be the unnamed bar some agents hit after asking their dinner server for a non-touristy recommendation. Google, Tripadvisorand Thorn Tree searches for such a place have proved unfruitful, probably because this mystery place really is off the tourist track. There is an Egyptian-themed discotheque in Medallin called Amarnabut that's in Medallin. So to find Cartagena's version, you'll have to go on faith and start asking around.

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