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So are the girls. Working through the night, the prostitutes here gravitate toward anyone who looks like he might have money to spend and the liquor in his head to spend it. On this particular night there are more girls here than customers and the competition is fierce.

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Two lean into me and make whispered promises if choose them over the others. The smell of bad tequila along with heavy makeup and dark curls helps them look older than they probably are.

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I can barely hear them speak over the pounding UB40 track playing in the background, while down the bar a group of Australian backpackers picks up a round of shots. In a single year more than 33, people will be trafficked across borders worldwide according to a State Department estimate, most into the sex trade. Despite the size of the crisis, however, most people associate it with shadowy marketplaces and dark villages.

It is a problem, in other words, that you have to look for.

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Stay on the beaten path and it will never find you. The northern Cambodian city is home to Angkor Wat, a breathtaking temple complex that covers a section of jungle larger than the island of Manhattan.

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Built by the Khmer Empire in the 12th Century, the monument draws in well over a million people per year and fuels a booming tourist economy in this otherwise impoverished country. Glittering resorts line the streets shoulder to shoulder with backpacker guesthouses, five star restaurants and one dollar noodle stands.

The lights never turn off, and just about everything is for sale to the right buyer. In this marketplace sex trafficking has boomed. At the tourist clubs and karaoke bars girls cluster around tables chatting together while they wait for their dates to arrive. Early in the night a sex worker in Siem Reap will let the client entertain her first, having drinks, dancing and playing games of pool before the business starts. As the night wears on and the prospect of going home empty handed looms, however, the sales pitch gets more aggressive. With the punishments handed out by angry pimps for an unsuccessful night, the girls here are very motivated sellers.

Nobody wants to be the one coming home empty handed when the sun comes up.

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However the flush of prostitution in this boomtown is well known to the locals. What did you expect? The local drivers, young men who pull motorbike carriages called tuk-tuks, are experts at helping tourists find a good time. In fact the local Khmer culture is a very conservative one that emphasizes modesty in both private and public life.

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The sex and drug trades here are banned by laws stronger than anything in the United States. Western money exerts an outsized influence here, as it does in many developing nations. At time of writing, one United States dollar could buy approximately 4, Cambodian riel, and most local merchants here simply prefer to have the dollars. The governments in both Siem Reap and Cambodia at large struggle to maintain authority in their own country.

Arguably the greatest difficulties start at the grass roots with law enforcement. When criminals can pay the police more than the state, corruption becomes a virtual certainty. I finish my drink at the X-Bar and prepare to leave, watching two girls getting ready to do the same. Before they can go, however, they have to ask permission from the Frenchman. My wife and I have been in Cambodia for two weeks now, Siem Reap for one. Witnessed the neon lined streets ourselves with girls waiting in the corridors of the clubs.

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Immediately came and researched prostitution in Cambodia and this sight clarified everything for us. Great writing! Keep it up! This is only one side of a wonderful, complicated, often troubled nation. I hope you and your wife have otherwise been enjoying your trip. If time allows, also try and get east to Bokor. This article has attracted a lot of comments from readers, the overwhelming proportion of which are vitriolic. A recent example came from a reader who identified himself as Liar from the e-mail address YouLie liar.

I am more than happy to post comments which question my reporting, as I think disagreement is essential to any questions of truth. Had Mr. However I do not post comments which support human trafficking, which contain vulgarities or which indulge in personal attacks.

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These are not helpful to any substantive discussion and, frankly, I will not subject my readers to this content. The moral and legal place of consensual prostitution is a complex issue. I will be the first to agree that I have met people with an extremely wide range of thoughtful positions on this issue. Sex trafficking, however, remains an ongoing human rights catastrophe in Cambodia. According to some estimates, roughly 1.


Sex trafficking is largely clandestine; Cambodian and ethnic Vietnamese women and girls move from rural areas to cities and tourist destinations, where they are subjected to sex trafficking in brothels, beer gardens, massage parlors, salons, karaoke bars, and non-commercial sites. We can live our whole lives in a city and barely scratch the surface of many of its lives and local experiences. I, myself, lived in Chicago for three years and yet would never p to be an expert on the way of life in its South Side. Living someplace, having a local bar and going to work everyday will teach us about the places in our local orbit.

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That leaves a lot of people unmet. When it comes to issues such as human rights, for most people, that simply will never come up. This is a huge problem everywhere, including the United States. It takes enormous amounts of time and patience to ask questions and find stories like this.

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I did not happen upon this, or any other, story by accident. The older a story is, the more important it is to keep that context in mind. Nevertheless, I will reiterate my point from above. Agencies dedicated to this issue have reiterated over and over again that Cambodia continues to struggle with human trafficking, and sex trafficking in particular.

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Wherever you have a large, transient, moneyed population you create the risks of trafficking. The vast s of people traveling through Siem Reap, if anything, can often only heighten that reap. Traffickers and their victims stand out less in huge crowds. This is why every Siem Cup spikes local concerns about sex trafficking. The risk goes up, not down, with population and attention. I love Cambodia.

I, too, have lived in Siem Reap and worked as an aid worker there and look forward to returning many times. These girls are real, as are the men and women who hold them. Turning a blind eye because this is an insult to a place, population and people will only hurt the next generation. Prostitution existed in Cambodia, and Asia, long before the first white man set foot. Most local men loose their virginity with a prostitute. And then, some foreigners the big bad white men do the same, some out of lust, some out of too much alcohol.

Not to forget the naive, looking for love, most of the time ending up cheated. So you see, it s a bit more complex than what your article suggests, and to be honest such articles not reflecting reality are actually misleading. Try to be more objective, and better informed, next time…. It is not intended as a dissertation on prostitution in Cambodia, rather one specific perspective on one specific market.

Second, prostitution does exist pretty much everywhere and is, indeed, a complicated issue. However tourism and human trafficking exacerbate this market in both ugly nature and quantity. On my last visit to Siem Reap some of the tuk tuk drivers actually had photos on their phones of the girls they could take me to.

Offers girl this rarely involve young women working of their own volition and are virtually never made to local men. For this reason it is important, indeed critical, to study the impact that tourism has on the treatment of women and children. Nevertheless, thanks for reading. Police also receive numerous bribes and kickbacks. The size of their belly normally is an indication how successful they are in bar bribes. Police in Cambodia are definitely NOT in poverty. Only a few weeks ago, a very well known Australian Meth dealer in Sihanoukville was released from prison after serving 2.