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Holly crap. I can just walk down 2nd street and pick some a girl from UNR. LOL like holly shit. The places in Sac give you happy ending for like or so and I kinda thought that was a bit much.

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Depending on where you land, I mean tourist girls practically land in heat and the best part is you can tell them anything you want. You could say your name is Rush Limbah and they wouldn't know the difference. I don't know how you guys feel, but I either want something that's affordable to the point that I can actually do it on the regular and afford my regular life, or I'm flat out just going to wait until I am on vacation and go crazy.

I actually thought about getting on a mail order brides cruise, and just pretending like I want to get married. Then just say you need to sample before you can pick. Just wear a suit and Tie and say my name is Biffer Von Douchenbaaagen. Anyone have any experiences with those?. So does Carson have a "stroll" or "blade" or what ever you want to call it that has SW action?

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Obviously it's freezing cold in Reno and nothing but the most horrific cracked out troll goons are out. I'll tell you why nobody post reviews. It's because there's nothing to review. I grew up around Carson city area and used to go to the brothels all the time. They actually knew me by my first name that was back in the 70's and 80's. Price's were so reasonable that even a broke young guy like myself could always get laid. And back then condoms were never used. It truly was girlfriend experience every time you would go and visit. The girls got to know you and they always wanted you to come back and see them.

You were money in their pocket and she knew if she was real nice to you, you would pick her next week when you came back. At the time I was young and as I remember most carson the girls were fairly young also. Now you need to come sex Arabia with a forum case full of money as the working person can't afford to get laid in city brothels. Also condoms are required and there is no such thing as girlfriend experience in brothels anymore.

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Although I think that if you bring that suit case full of money most anything is possible. There are brothels in Nevada's outlying areas that you still can get good service from. Elko and Carlin have brothels and they are still reasonable priced. In Elko there's 2 brothels with asians, beautiful and young girls. And 2 other brothels with a mix of girls. She also said we could leave the brothel if we wanted. She can sit there all night long and pray to god that when the lone customer walks in she gets picked and might make a couple hundred bucks.

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Reply With Quote. So my stupid question is that since there are "legal brothels" in Carson, how come more people don't post reviews.

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I mean really? This just astonishes me. I mean really. Any other area of the country has awesome reviews, you know exactly what to expect, who to see, what to look out for, and here we are looking for info on prices or services for the place anyone can walk into and get some and there is 0, absolutely none, nothing. So this le me to believe all of their "customers" are either illiterate or hiding something, or just live under a rock, or they have 0 customers in which case they should stop trying to charge so much and then maybe they would get more customers.

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Thank you, I have always wondered that myself as well. Silly question So my stupid question is that since there are "legal brothels" in Carson, how come more people don't post reviews. My Redbook. That's a 5 star post, Spehn. I'm flying into Reno in a few weeks and I know the brothels are pricey. On the other end of the spectrum is sounds like the streetwalkers on 4th street are really bad. What's the best kind of girl around Reno? MyRedbook disappeared so it's hard to even find out where girls are posting their.

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What do the locals do? Five Star post That's a 5 star post, Spehn. Hello all, I am hoping to find some straight answers as to what the rates are at the Bunny Ranch. But, no one will give straight answers as to what such a session would cost.

Thank you.

There's no way I am going to arrange passage and lodging all the way from Arizona just to get there and decide that the session is more than I want to pay. If I hear a and I like the then I'll make the pilgrimage. But, if it is just too much for me to stomach, then I'll stay home. Certainly someone can understand that, right?

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Can anyone help me out at all? Why no rates Hello all, I am hoping to find some straight answers as to what the rates are at the Bunny Ranch. Well, I got to talking with Alana the next day, and she said she would really like to see me again. I did some looking in my budget, found a few extra pennies, and made an appointment to go back on New Years Day.

On my way, I bought some baby shower stuff for her and some flowers. Guys, flowers will always win them over. I arrived a little ahead of time, double bell ring again, and got to head in. I got to meet and talk to Dennis Hof himself, and Madame Suzette. Both were extremely friendly. Dennis, although technically being a pimp, does not match the stereotype at all. Smartly dressed, treats his girls right like a small family, very friendly, and one hell of a businessman.

We had a nice chat, and Alana showed up.

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Nice big smile on her face from the flowers and baby shower bag. Talked in the parlor for a little more, then time for our two hour appointment. Just like before, undress, credit card, etc.

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Got naked, the fun starts. I got to play with her pussy while she started in on a handjob, and I played with her tits too. Asked for doggie or missionary.

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Doctor told her she shouldn't do either at that stage of pregnancy. Decided to do some CG for a little bit, then when I was ready, came into a towel.