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This place has changed a lot since I started going there. It used to be that they had a great, steady lineup of girls and the ladies would work here a long time. Now, they all seem to be there two weeks or two years with not much in between. There were a lot of new ladies on this visit. There were only two I liked but you can have a decent time at a strip club with only two dancers you like.

Parking lot is free and guarded, though not always large enough. I don't know what admission is because I have a lifetime pass and never pay it.

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The room is nice and the music isn't as loud as some other clubs, which is good because at the Jet, most of the dancers will sit and talk with you for a while. I've been in clubs where I can barely hear the dancers talk and am not always sure what they're offering. The restroom is small with an odd but not too unpleasant smell. There's no alcohol but the bar seems to be stocked with a pretty wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages. They serve food that's not bad for strip club food but the chef is only there certain hours so call first if eating there matters to you.

The club has a friendly atmosphere. I spent some time with the latest in a long line of Jet Strip dancers to be named Jasmine. She's a petite brunette with one of the best figures I've ever seen on a stripper. The club is low mileage but it was still damned sexy getting some private danc. I had stopped going to this club because I found it boring and slow. With a recent trip back to the area, I thought I'd review the reviews and see if anything had changed.

It seemed strip things had improved, maybe not cost wise but at least it seemed by the way mongers were reviewing it that it had lot's of girls again. He said more girls should be coming in. So in I go and I see about 6 other PLs. Well, 2 really, the other jet were young clueless horny military dudes I could tell by their haircuts. No girl.

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I sat at the bar and got a Red Bull and waited, and waited. I hear some chatter at the other end of the bar and I see the one girl, topless and cute talking with one of the clubs worker dudes. She does come over to me in not at all a rush and introduce herself. I say, "So you're the one girl, huh? She then proceeds to fleece the military kids as I watch her take them to the ATM machine. A second girl did show up eventually, fine, older but still not feeling it.

After her stage dance the only one I saw she goes after the military kids too. You pay 6 dollars to get in unless you have a coupon, and there is a one drink mnimum. There is one dancer here that perfect.

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Other than one other dancer I knew at 4play before, she is the best dancer I have ever seen. She is very good on stage when you tip her. By now, I have tipped her around a dozen times over a 3 week period, but I have still not talked to her or had a dance with her.

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She is always busy with talking with someone else, or she just walks by and ignores me. I am just really puzzled by that. Almosy all dancers ask me if I want a dance or start making conversation even though I haven't even tipped them on stage, and yet I've tipped her a dozen times, and yet she doesn't even want to ask or is always busy with someone else.

Also, there is hardly anyone there, maybe just me and other guys, so it's not because it's too busy. Isn't that odd? I jet I could just go up to her while she's talking with someone else, but I'm not really the kind of guy that likes to approach women like that, especially at a gentleman's club. Shouldn't they be friendly to you there and make you feel good if you've tipped them so many times? Isn't that what makes a good dancer? I'm thinking of tipping her a 50 and see what happens. She is that good. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't keep coming back, but I will since she's there.

Had a layover at LAX on a Friday about review time. Got there and there were 3 dancers and about 3 customers. I was a little worried, but the assured me it would be fine and there were two camera's on the booth. I double checked my bag on the way out and nothing was missing.

Sat and the strip and watched the girls.

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Not a lot of contact interaction while sitting at the state, must different than what we get at the stage in East St Louis. Over the next 1.

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No stunners, but my eyes were never diverted off the stage. Most of the girls rated a solid 6 to solid 8.

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I talked with D. She told me that this was the best club to work in LA with regard to hours, clientele and management. Lappers where 20 for topless and 30 for nude before 2, increasing to 30 for topless and 40 for nude after 2. I had one lap per with C. I went to Jet Strip on a Wednesday evening at Unlike Bare Elegance, there is free parking at Jet Strip.

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The DJ doubles as the gatekeeper. I was denied entry the prior Thursday because I was wearing a muscle shirt, so be aware they have a dress code. As usual, there was too much ice and too little Coke. The club is dominated by a penis-shaped stage.

There are poles located where each of the balls would be. There is a third pole at the end of the protruding runway. Tipping garnered good stage interaction from most dancers.

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Most dancers appeared to get completely nude by the end of their three song stage set. The back of the club is the juice bar. There were approximately thirteen or fourteen dancers working on Wednesday night. There was a healthy mix of Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian dancers.

There were no black dancers.

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This was the line-up: Sarah: Asian, very fit, tattoos on her stomach. Mya: Polish blonde with a bigger frame. Melody: Hispanic, fit, wears glasses. Lexi: Covered in tattoos including both arms, small boob Toggle lustnames. now.

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