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Disgusting I would NOT recommend this place, ,It's poorly maintained and cleaned, I'd really be concerned about catching something Owner is cheap Love this place, but why would they remove the paper towels from the only private bathroom in the place. If anything, remove paper towels from the public restroom. This is pretty ridicules. They can't afford to have paper in the restroom.

Many customers are pissed off about this. Full of freaks!!! Lots of people but mostly freaks. In the 6 hours I was there, I only met two guys that seemed "normal". OBTW another sex club You can pretty much have all your darkest fantasies fulfilled here. The first time here I discovered water sports and i have been loving it ever since.

There was a desperate, deliverance-type feel to the place that was a total turn off. I vowed I would never come again. However -- for whatever reason -- I gave it another shot and had a good time.

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They have done some remodeling of the play areas -- there's a great 'blowjob alley' -- a long row of open glory holes. And while I wasn't into many of the patrons here, I will say this is a no-attitude place. No standing and posing.

So if you find someone you're into, there's a very high chance of you hooking up. There are lockers here for clothes, valuables etc. Slammer Sucks, and NOT in a good way. I visited the Slammer for the first time on Friday, June 17th. The place has two areas separated by a small outside space.

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The larger room has glory holes, rooms, a coral and a few medium sized dark rooms. There is a small TV area where a legit horror film, Candy Man, was playing. The outside space has a nice fire pit, a few chairs and benches. The rest are cargo containers that are connected, for the most part. Smoking is allowed in the outside area and in the cargo containers, making breathing difficult for non-smokers, as well as illegal.

The whole place smelled of urine, and it is not maintained. It's filthy, neglected, and has seen better days. Worse of all is the clientele. With the exception of one cute blonde boy who was very snobby and did two not so hot guys, it was not so hot. There were an assortment of minorities, and two 30 or younger white guys. This place is a complete rip off, and I will never go back there again! Save your money gents, we deserve better than this dump. Someone should hammer Slammers up for good.

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John Rocco Apparently, Michael John, meth user addict, was unhappy that the Faultline was stealing their thunder on Wednesdayscalled in a favor with the corrupt LA politicians and police dept and had them closed down. The Slammer is tired, it is time to find a new place.

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The best thing about this place is that people don't stand around and model. There's no time wasting around here. If they're not interested they'll tell you and if they are you'll know it soon enough.

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The back dark room is where most of the action happens. The best sex club in California And possibly the raunchiest in the world.

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Hit or miss, but all are. Not for pussies. Serious action FOr sure not a stand and model place. Serious sex going on here. Sometimes too much [unsafe sex] going on for my taste.

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But, usually hot sex to be had. I like the ramp room the best.

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Container cars is another area I like but I never see much of anyone in there. Great music! Friendly staff. Fetish Wear They let guys wear fetish clothing like nylons, and garterbelts - just wished they would let us gurls dress like whores and sluts - But I understand. Slammer was recommended to me by a guy that I played pool with at the Faultline.

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I must say that I was a little hesistant about going. However, it was by far a great place! It truly is a place that allows you to get down to business and there were some great looking guys there. I liked it so much, I went back the next night. Definitely recommend this place. I was at Slammer last Sunday afternoon, and I gotta say that the place was jumping with all types of masculine gay men, bears, daddies, muscle men, and just average Joe's wanting to get off.

There were no stand and model guys There were guys outside in the video room sucking and playing, and even some guys cruising the mazes outside in front. There seems to be a large amount of men who visit on weekends and in the evening.

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I would definitely go again! Los Angeles bathhouses Slammer.

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Slammer I've been here Save. All photos 4. Location Reviews Add Review Report incorrect info. BlueBoy Over a year ago. Weeniedog46 Over a year ago. Lee Over a year ago. BiBen Over a year ago. JohnRocco Over a year ago. HappyD Over a year ago.

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