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It is one of possibly a dozen businesses in their downtown area. My trip lesterville to be on a snowy, stormy day so this place and the club bar were the only open establishments at the time. With the crap weather, there were only two dancers working and two folks working the bar. During my stay there were patrons at a strip. The dancers were only required to dance if there were at least two patrons in the stage area.

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Music was picked via jukebox by dancers. Full bar available.

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Both girls were in the area working but live out of state and commuted from SF during their stay. Both on this night were AA, were in the late's or early's age wise, very nice and got along well together. Dances on stage were topless and varied by if any tipping was happening.

With such a small crowd that wasn't always the case for he full set Private dance booths are available.

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Each booth had a small bench and a chair. Not much room in each booth and they're dark. One of the bar hands did check on the dances every once in a while but was random and didn't lurk. Time is kept by a ti This is one of the better places to go in South Dakota, but it is truly in the middle of nowhere.

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If you don't mind driving a couple of hours though, it can be a fun time. Usually there are not a lot of dancers--there are more during hunting season. Typically though, maybe a half dozen girls, with a couple of attractive ones and a few not so attractive.

There isn't a real private room if you are looking for a private dance, but there are sort of secluded cubbies where you can buy a dance. Obviously, a lot depends on the dancer that you get a dance from, but I've generally found that there is quite a bit of contact here, though nothing beyond that. The club itself is really a dive.

There is a cover to get in, but it is only a few dollars. One stage and the dancers usually come up to you to ask for dances pretty quickly, maybe because they are bored or tired of seeing a lot of the same farmers in night after night. Again, your choices in this area are pretty slim and you do take a chance by driving all the way to Lesterville.

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Still, if you are the adventurous sort, I think it's worth occasionally taking the plunge. Another fun visit to Lesterville. This one was a little more interesting than the other visits.

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It was the first time I was in on a Saturday night. That plus the opening of pheasant hunting brought a different clientele into the club than I am used to seeing. This is still a great value. I walked back into the dance area and there were girls everywhere.

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I never got a good count, but I know there were more than 15 dancers working that night. I was in the club for more than 2 hours and not all of the dancers had a turn on stage. I have never seen such a wide range of dancers. They probably ranged from a and I rarely give out 10s. There were a couple of dancers that should not have been dancing. There were a few that could have danced in almost any club in the country. A couple could have actually been models. The girls work the room a lot. The differenc between this and many other clubs is that the girls usually spend time talking with customers.

They also spend time sitting with customers when they want a break, or they find someone they want to spend a little time with. A chance to upsell to the private dances is also a good reason to spend time with the customers.

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This is definitely a This was my first visit to Lesterville in several years. The last time I was there the bar was called Swedes. A few things have changed since then, but very few.

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This is a fun place to spend an evening, but if you are looking for beauty queens in gowns you are in the wrong place. The bar is old and looks kind of run down.

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The front part is where the bar is located along with a pool table and the bathrooms. Just hope that you don't have to spend much time in the bathrooms, they aren't exactly state of the art. One of the best parts of this place is the drink prices. The back room is where the dancers hang out. The stage along the left wall as you enter the dance area. The stage has been updated since my last visit.

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Dancing on stage can be nude, but they don't always get there if no one goes up to tip. They don't have seats at the stage so you have to walk up and tip. The night I was there is was pretty quiet and not a lot of people were tipping at the stage.

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They had about 8 dancers the night I was there. They came in several different shapes and colors. No 10s in the place, but most were in the range with maybe one 8. All of the dancers were friendly, some more than others. First, they come around to get tips after their time on stage, especially if not many people were tipping at the stage. Then they come around and spend ti Toggle lustnames. now.

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