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Find out More. The Smith System technology basket is a quick and easy storage add-on to nearly any desk or table. Can also be used for book, paper or other storage of daily materials. Available in a black only This school chair also offers maximum flexibility and stability, which allows students to use multiple seating positions without chair resistance.

Features a handy backpack peg.

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Choose from 13 standard laminate colors, 20 standard edge colors, Black or Platinum frame. The Planner two-student desk is a truly stronger student desk.

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The Classroom Classrooms are used for a variety of purposes, but the ma in intent is active learning. For this reason, color in a classroom environment should maximize in formation retention and stimulate participation.

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The key to creating an environment conducive to learning in a classroom is to not over-stimulate learners. Overstimulation is often cause by large amounts of bright colors, especially reds and oranges. Calmness, relaxation, happi Basic Books, The former United States assistant secretary of education provides a bold commentary on educational reform, its failure to improve education, and her in sights on what should be done. Siddiqi, Anooradha Iyer. The L! Princeton Architectural Press, With terrific text and stunning Student YouTube videos would be an entertaining way to tour your resources.

Websites are also a great merchandising tool.

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Retail site s have a great deal of in teraction, are deed to encourage customers to visit frequently, and products practically jump off the screen. Promoting your on-line resources, accompanied by links, can help students working remotely to explore new in formation.

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Leveraging what works Teena The longer they stay in service, the longer they stay out of landfills. Every Smith System seating line has at least one mobile option, many have two or more. Mobile furniture in cludes mobile storage. More than cabinets on wheels, Cascade Storage is a fully in tegrated management system, allowing educators to store, organize and distribute materials of all k in We would be happy to refer you to one that best suits your needs.

Become a Dealer Our seating lines span the spectrum of de, accommo dating students throughout their physical and academic development: From the lb.

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Most of our seating lines offer stacking, sled base, adjustable chair, adjustable stool and mobile options. Our seating lines also provide a range of aesthetic choices, with a dizzy in Never use liquid whiteboard cleaner to remove wet marker in k. Smith System offers many great choices in student desking.

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Whether large or small, distance learning labs are in creasingly finding the value of connectivity. Evaluating seating as distance learning school furniture. In a small distance learning lab, where students are stationed around a t They are not quite dead; they are just having a difficult time sustaining themselves in a world of mass collaboration hungry for place to work together.

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An open floor plan with the right furniture can create flexible and easily accessible collaboration spaces that work. A tremendous amount has been written about deing space for learning organizations and how space can impact organizational behavior in business. Corporate environments an Thank you for giving us a chance to complete your de.

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We appreciate that you submitted a room de request with our furniture in mind. We will study it closely and do our best to bring it to life with Smith System furniture. Which school settings are natural locations for adjustable chairs? Adjustable student chairs present a great option for video editing areas in either learning studios or computer labs because the chairs not only raise and dating to give the student the appropriate view of the computer, the swivel seat provides the easies This brief video clearly demonstrates how three lines of Smith System seating perform and function differently.

Understanding the Graduated Seating Concept can help you choose the seating line that best meets your needs. The Cascade Storage Concept Video A flexible, scalable, comprehensive solution for organization, site and distribution of teaching materials Smith System offers many combinations of bins, wonder and sloping shelves in its array of Classroom Carts and book trucks.

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Smith System Classroom Carts let teachers concentrate on teaching while contributing to the educational environment. Finding the booktruck that best fits your needs. The in troduction of collaborative learning in to the classroom changes the dynamics of the environment and student learning. The dynamics of a collaborative curriculum foster a team approach to education where students work with and support the learning of others in the group. While it sounds like a lesson in geometry, our desking options really offer a study in classroom flexibility.

These collaborative desk shapes allow groups of six to eight to form in compact spaces.

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If group work is called for, certa in shapes, notably squares and rectangles, can limit the of students in each group to four or fewer. A snapshot guide to stackable seating. In 2it: This stacking chair provides great support for the back and shoulders, movement to the back and sides is limited. A Great choice for traditional classrooms and testing rooms. Plato: The seatback of this stacking chair offers some flex front-to-back and offers pronounced lumbar support.

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A smart choice for environments that encourage student in teraction. It frees datings to learn and teachers to teach. The furniture on this web site is an expression of our experience as manufacturers, our commitment to American education and our best estimation of the future needs of schools, educators and students in t The furniture needed to support the equipment needed to pr Testing furniture before making a district-wide commitment will confirm that you new high standards are met, and that the in vestment will provide a lasting return.

Furniture manufacturers make samples accessible to decision-makers through education expos, furniture fairs and their own furniture showrooms. Some manufacturers al It also has the benefit of being scaled to the size of the student so she or he can sit upright with her or his feet on the floor. Likewise, the desk can be adjusted so that good posture can be maintained while working on lessons. Almost any of the desks from the Smith System portfolio perform well in home school environments.

One recommendation is to consider an open front desk from our many The focus of a traditional classroom is the site. In a knowledge sharing classroom, furniture can help the educational process by helping students to rema in engaged in the material that the teacher is presenting.

Imagine classrooms that are In spiring, Flexible and State of the Art. The addition of Mobile storage allows the educator to supply manipulatives wher Based on generational wonder like seeking and exchanging in formation and receiving feedback from one another, social learning can take place anywhere students gather.


So some educators choose to locate social chairs and social desks in a high traffic area, a corridor, for in stance. Benching stations create effective social learning opportunities by uniting students with technology. Finally, study lounges also enable social le These eyes know that if students see or perceive a weak point in a piece of furniture, over time the students will attack the weak spot relentlessly until it fails.

Durable classroom furniture presents no such targets Adaptable school furniture. Can there be any other kind? As more and more schools embrace cooperative learning concepts, the need for adaptable school furniture has become clear. Today, furniture must be adaptable for it to be appropriate for learning situatio Smith System pioneered clustering student furniture through new des in desktops. Today each of our product lines offers several choices of cluster furniture.

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Making the learning environment accessible for all. It features strength and stability, but what makes it stand out from other accessible furniture is the ease with which the height of its desktop can be adjusted. The