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Project aims To work with clinical genetic health services to develop more effective models for meeting the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Objectives: Explore the extent to which current models of genetic service provision The Support Systems for Indigenous Primary Health Care Services Project aimed to develop knowledge about how to support the corporate functions of Aboriginal community controlled health organisations and therefore to contribute to improving the viability.

An integrated and comprehensive model of care targeting at-risk clients in metropolitan Aboriginal community controlled health service: Model development and evaluation plan This project aimed to evaluate service delivery to clients at risk of contracting.

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Coordinated Aboriginal mental health care: A best practice model for rural and metropolitan service delivery The aim of the Coordinated Aboriginal Mental Health Care CAMHC project was to develop, implement and evaluate agreed protocols and pathways for. Fitzroy Crossing is more than km to the north of Perth on the Fitzroy River in the tropical Kimberley region and is roughly half way along the bitumen road linking Broome and Halls Creek.

Local ro are unsealed and there are very few safe stopping. The role of Aboriginal community controlled primary health care services in developing community capacity in Indigenous communities Aboriginal Community Controlled Primary Health Care Services ACCHSs have been around for more than 20 years in a range of. We work to value, grow and utilise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges together with expertise in efforts to sustain a health workforce that addresses Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health needs in all health services and systems.

This project supported the capacity development of an Indigenous Research Assistant through on-the-job learning about data entry, statistical analysis and report writing.

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This supported the completion of data analysis and presentation of the of Service integration for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early childhood development Project Aim: To resolve the gap in existing evidence around best practice service delivery approaches for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. Project summary This continuous quality improvement CQI project aims to enhance health outcomes by assisting Indigenous primary health care centres to improve their systems for delivery of best practice care.

Focused initially on chronic disease, the Sharing the wisdom of our Elders: Understanding and promoting healthy ageing with older Aboriginal Australians Project Aim To investigate what good and healthy ageing means to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Objectives To document health, Working Well: Tailoring a workforce development model to deliver sustained improvements in community-controlled healthcare Project Aim To develop evidence-informed, tailored workforce systems and processes to support sustained improvements in Aboriginal. Funding and regulation of primary health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people The aim of this project was to improve the effectiveness of funding models and regulatory arrangements for Aboriginal primary health care.

The Aboriginal The aim of this project was to meet a need stated by Aboriginal health workers AHWs across South Australia for accurate, coordinated processes that produced quality outcomes for Aboriginal people with co-existing diabetes and alcohol-related health Project aims To improve research knowledge exchange, generation and translation leading to Aboriginal community members, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and their Board members having more control over health research, its outcomes and First Response: Integrating trauma-informed care within primary healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women experiencing violence within primary healthcare Project Aim: To provide evidence and critical insight into how the primary Many public health delivery services for Aboriginal people are in the hands of community controlled organisations, particularly in remote areas.

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These are largely funded by government grants, and the main Commonwealth health agency, the Office for Administering the Aboriginal community controlled health sector for public value and robust ability Many public health delivery services for Aboriginal people are in the hands of community controlled organisations, particularly in remote areas This study was a follow-up of cardiovascular disease outcomes for a cohort of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory who participated in a health screening program Heart Health in the s.

It aimed to identify what clinical measures best predict. Using mixed methods, the research will: qualitatively establish the role cultural connectedness plays in negotiating the pathways to psychosocial resilience for Indigenous adolescents quantitatively determine the differential influence of risks and A comprehensive program evaluation was undertaken to improve the evidence base around what contributes to successful outcomes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander maternal and child health.

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Better medication management for Aboriginal people with dating health disorders and their searches Aboriginal people with mental health conditions may have particular needs given the difficult social circumstances both they and their principal carers Talking about raising Aboriginal kids PhD thesis by Anita D'Aprano — Menzies School of Health Research Child health experts recognise internationally that developmental care is vital to improve long-term health and wellbeing outcomes.

A key Two key interventions were planned over the five years Valuing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men Project Aim: This project aimed to identify how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men remain strong and resilient in the face of adversity in life.

It searched for a strengths-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander maternal and child health and wellbeing: a systematic search of programs and services in Australian primary health care settings Persistent disparities in pregnancy and birth outcomes between Aboriginal and Torres A structured systems approach to improving health promotion practice for chronic disease in Indigenous communities Health promotion strategies have the potential to ificantly improve health and reduce health inequities within and between population Nationally, there has been a growing interest in how to document and learn from consumer feedback in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Pof primary health care, and this interest has been heightened by accreditation requirements about consumer input.

Our stories, our way: Cultural identities and health and wellbeing of Indigenous young people in diverse school settings The aim of this project was to explore the views, experiences and stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young peoples in The NACCHO Members' Conference and AGM provides a forum for the Aboriginal community controlled health services workforce, bureaucrats, educators, suppliers and consumers to: Present on innovative local economic development solutions to issues that Towards a national approach to improving cancer outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander site Little is known about the availability of Indigenous-specific cancer support services, such as which models of care are most effective and which It addresses family violence by building community The objective of this study was to consider 'What policies, processes and practices would increase the relevance of mainstream agencies to Indigenous and culturally diverse communities?

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The study sought to increase the understanding of what The project looked at how health systems in different. Wellbeing though Cultural Participation: An affirmative strategy for the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability Project Aims and Objectives: The aims of the project were to: Identify how participation by Aboriginal and. This research project explored the perspectives of a select group of researchers, policy makers, community-based service providers and members of Aboriginal representative peak bodies on the social determinants of Aboriginal health.

It was expected there. With extensive experience working towards the achievement of an empowered and sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health sector.

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She has extensive experience in Aboriginal health, including community development, policy formation and. Health care is delivered in specialised segments, but mostly succeeds or fails as a package.

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The Managing Two The National Alcohol Treatment Guidelines for Indigenous Australians were developed to provide essential and reliable information and guidance on how to deliver culturally respectful health care, and how to identify and respond to emergency and non-urgent. Uptake of influenza vaccination in pregnancy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women: A mixed methods study Influenza is a ificant cause of morbidity and mortality in pregnant women.

In Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations, the. Funding, ability and for Aboriginal health services — Closing the policy implementation gap?

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The need for more effective models of funding and ability in Aboriginal primary health care is now widely acknowledged, and reforms of. A Family Wellbeing case study: Sustainable implementation of Indigenous early childhood family support programs that work An important way for improving Indigenous early childhood health is to make sure that family support programs that have been shown to.

A collaborative and international study of Bronchiectasis in Indigenous children Aboriginal children in remote Australia have extremely high rates of pneumonia; some get better while others develop bronchiectasis a chronic suppurative lung disease Reframing discourse and changing the narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing: an analysis Project Aim: To identify the national and international methods and approaches that have been effective in changing the deficit The Lowitja Institute traces its roots back more than two decades.

Childhood anaemia is a growing concern in the Northern Territory as 22 per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under four years old are reported to be anaemic.

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Childhood anaemia can have detrimental effects on physical and cognitive It aimed to develop a critical mass of Indigenous and non-Indigenous The Flinders University Swimming Pool study investigated whether the use of swimming pools by school-age Indigenous children in remote semi-arid communities in central Australia in the reduction and possible prevention of conductive hearing loss. Phase one of this qualitative research project involved completion of 12 semi-structured, in-depth interviews with Aboriginal people in urban Queensland locations, most of whom had been incarcerated on multiple occasions, had lived in regional and remote.

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Project aim To investigate the ways in which the cultural determinants of health and well-being sustained the development of healthy psychosocial resilience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents. Objectives Establish the role cultural Mayi Kuwayu: The National longitudinal study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing Project aims To examine how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture relates to health and wellbeing, including connection to Country, cultural practices.

Aim To document, analyse and evaluate the Rites of Passage Ball as a means of understanding urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community practices of space-making, directed towards locating, affirming and celebrating young men and woman. Mobility is a basic human need, and transport walking, driving, travelling as a passengeris the way that it is achieved.

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The starting point for this project was the proposition that safe and sufficient transport should be accessible to everyone. A longitudinal data resource on key influences on health in the Northern Territory: Opportunities and obstacles The role of social factors in contributing to the poor health status of Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory is widely accepted. Prior to taking up this position, he was Dean: Indigenous.

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This project contributes to the research and policy debate regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce development. The main outcome was the discussion paper, 'Shifting gears in career', which offers a new perspective, Mapping pathways pof, processes, structures and relationships] that contribute to improving the culture of hospitals for Aboriginal patients This project was a sub-project search the broader scope of CRCAH work known as Improving the Culture of Skin infections are highly prevalent in many Australian Aboriginal communities.

Looking for practical solutions to quality assessment processes for grant and publication review in Aboriginal health The Lowitja Institute is committed to influencing positive changes in the way research is undertaken in Aboriginal and Torres Strait The Indigenous dating specifically looked at improving knowledge of the true level of Analysis of historical and contemporary reproductive health issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sites This project sought to give an of the methods by which the reproductive health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Researching the control factor and empowerment in addressing the social determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health Empowerment interventions can bring about powerful changes in individuals and communities, enabling them to take control.

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The role of spirituality in social and emotional wellbeing initiatives This Discussion Paper presents the findings of the and Family Wellbeing FWB empowerment project evaluation in Yarrabah in order to explore the role of spirituality in Ngadhuri-nya To care for : Intergenerational and educational influences on social, mental and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people Project Aim: To prioritise research questions by analysing data relating.

Analysis of key factors associated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide in South Australia Project Aim: To conduct a thematic review of coronial information regarding South Australian suicides that took of trauma, grief and loss, Implementation phase 1 Australia spends a lot of money developing and testing medicines, technologies, systems and new ways of doing things to improve health care and health outcomes. But we spend very little on developing or testing methods for The Lowitja Institute is the

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